Sunsational Soaps & Lotions

Serena & Jeff Weinholdt
Bar SoapLiquid SoapBath BombsBath SaltsBody ButterLip BalmLaundry ButterDog Shampoo BarsDry Dog ShampooPaw & Nose ButterShampoo BarsShave Soap BarsWhipped Shave CreamFacial SerumBeard OilHair OilSports Equipment DeodorizerPillow SpraySoy CandlesDeodorant

Sunsational Soaps and Lotions was born out of a need to nourish my sensitive, dry skin during the harsh Canadian winter months.

Using only natural oils, butters and essential oils I strive to develop soaps, lotions, lip balms and other items to heal naturally without unnecessary chemicals or scents.

What started as a personal need and grew into a hobby has quickly grown into a strong desire to continue providing quality products.

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